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Mutiny is a hardcore/casual PvPvE Asmodian legion for the game Aion. We have many members with many different play times, some people play 10hrs week, some play 40... we don't care, we just want you to have fun and be a part of the family.

With an army of Mutiny allied players at your back, you will defend your homeland, invade enemy realms, and ultimately join the siege of your opposing Realm's owned Fortresses.

In Aion, Mutiny’s Legion is a living entity and will level up to the highest rank. High level Legions unlock abilities, tactics and bonuses available to all guild members assisting in end game PvPvE.

Recruitment info

The character of our members is most important to us because we have a older player base in Mutiny. Our ideal candidates are mature players 18+, who can be part of a strong community and play games to have fun ( not be all aggro cause we lost). Mutiny has high standards for it members and only ask that you have fun while we play and always strive for the best.

We are looking for players who will be active, people we can count on seeing regularly. We respect that our members have personal lives and their time is precious, but not coming around for weeks at a time is not the kinda guild we are. We are looking for players who can commit at least 10 hours/week most of the time. We will schedule various PvP, PvE, and other game related events each week ( at least 2 a week ). Attendance to all events is not mandatory, but participation is part of being in a guild so we encourage it.The only thing that is mandatory is that our members be respectful to not only people in the guild but out, and that they help each other as a family.  

NOTE: Some of the members of TAW will be leaving for Aion. We have created an Aion forum and will be chatting back and forth here. The Aion forum is for the members of TAW who will be branching off into a new guild, "Mutiny" on the Asmodian side. The Aion forums are not associated with



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The Guild has a New Address!

System, Jul 1, 09 7:07 PM.
The domain name has been changed to a new one , and the site can now be reached directly by going to Please note that there is no WWW in front of the address!

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Mutiny is here!

System, Nov 8, 08 6:11 PM.
The Art of Warfare has been changed to Mutiny, and can now be reached directly by going to This domain name will being changed to Please note that there is no WWW in front of the address!

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